The Rainbow has long stood as a symbol of God's promise, that He will see us through the storm. It has since become a
symbol of hope, for bereaved parents experiencing a subsequent pregnancy following a loss. A Rainbow Baby is the
depiction of the beauty that follows the storm.

We strive to be the Rainbow, in light of the dreary clouds. We aim to lend love, support and understanding during the
trials that families of loss face every day; whether it be heartbroken grief for the children we have had to say "goodbye"
to, or embarking on the bittersweet journey of pregnancies and parenting to follow. A Pregnancy should be a time of joy,
and excitement, yet for a family who has experienced a previous loss, it may be clouded by grief, fear, anxiety and even
guilt. Whether you have made the decision to move forth with a pregnancy, or it was an unexpected surprise, we are here
for you. As you prepare to welcome your Rainbow Baby, we offer encouragement and support, while remembering and
honoring the life of your precious child.  
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